Give us some nutrition tips to Manage Fatigue?

Give us some nutrition tips to Manage Fatigue?

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Here are some nutrition tips to Help Manage Fatigue

  • Don't go longer than four hours without food. You don't have to eat a lot. Have a small snack.
  • Shrink your meals so you can eat more frequently. For example, save your half lunch and eat it three hours later.
  • A small protein snack in the afternoon, such as a mozzarella cheese stick, beef jerky, cottage cheese, or peanut butter may make you more alert.
  • Avoid big helpings. Avoid sugary desserts. Both will increase fatigue!
  • Avoid overuse of caffeine. If you use caffeine as a pick-me-up throughout the day, it is going to cause restless sleep and increased anxiety.
  • With a touch of effort and a pinch of will power, you'll feel better, fight fatigue, and maintain good nutrition!
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