Which payment method you often use while doing online shopping ?

Which payment method you often use while doing online shopping ?

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We know the best way to pay for your online shopping in Pakistan.To make use of this payment option, simply pick the "Cash on Delivery" button when you place your order.

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Aazal Chaudhari

Aazal Chaudhari

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Understand the current use of mobile payment in the online shopping process

What is mobile payment? Mobile payment refers to payments made through mobile devices (such as mobile phones or tablets). People may choose to use mobile payments instead of paying directly with credit or debit cards, cash, or checks. Mobile payment is very practical for customers because it provides an extremely convenient payment method for purchasing products or services. In countries where the use of banks and credit cards is relatively low, the use of mobile devices is usually relatively high, and mobile payments give customers the opportunity to make purchases in non-traditional ways. As the use of smartphones around the world rises, the amount of mobile payments has also increased, and it will only increase further. According to the 2016 "Digital Payments 2020" (electronic payment overview in 2020) report jointly released by the Boston Consulting Group and Google 2:

• By 2020, the number of users of mobile Internet services is expected to reach 3 billion. This accounts for approximately 65% of the world's adult population.

• By 2020, mobile devices will become the main Internet access method (80%), and 58% of these mobile device users will use smartphones to access the Internet.

How do people make mobile payments?

On mobile devices, people can make payments in a variety of ways:

SMS payment

This method is very popular among consumers in Europe and Asia. The customer sends a payment request using SMS. In this way, a fee will be added to their phone bill or e-wallet accordingly. After the payment is successful, the merchant will receive a notification. QR code The process of payment using a QR code is as follows: the customer presents the QR code on his mobile device, and then the merchant scans the QR code through the sales terminal device or other mobile devices.

In-app purchase

Users purchase goods from within the mobile app they are using. They may obtain special content in the app, such as props or special characters, through in-app purchases. For customers, this buying process is usually very smooth.

Online shopping

Online shopping refers to purchasing through a web page or an application that is downloaded and installed on a mobile phone. This is a quick and easy payment method. Customers should pre-register for online payment services (such as PayPal or One Touch) to get a smooth and best transaction experience.