What are the benefits of online shopping?

What are the benefits of online shopping?

Online shopping has become very popular because these days COVID is at its peak and internationally there are lockdown and many privileges. You cannot rush to the market. Online mobile shopping in Pakistan has made shopping much easier these days, you can order things online with just a tap rather do rush to the market. Online stores in Pakistan have become much more reliable and trustworthy, also they are providing many of the services which a normal person seeking for in the normal routine life.

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Sara Ali

Sara Ali

blog time 05:48:pm 19 May, 2021

1. Cost savings through automation

The sales process and payment processing are fully automatic with most payment methods. In addition, you can easily print invoices and packing slips from the webshop. It is even possible to have the webshop synchronized fully automatically with your stock administration. The possibilities of the Dream IT webshop are almost endless. 

2. Make follow-up orders easily

Follow-up orders are easier to realize because buyers can subscribe to the e-mail newsletter while ordering. For example, you can easily send email updates and special offers to your customers to keep your customers committed to you. Dream IT has developed a special module for this: Newsletter Premium.

3. Smart marketing for more sales

In the Dream IT webshop, it is possible to display related products or additional information for each product, so that you can generate additional sales.

4. Adjustments are easy, quick, and cheap

Do you have a good product that you want to offer in your webshop? You can easily and quickly add products to your online store and you can also test different prices. This simple method often leads to significantly better returns.

5. Collect statistics and use them to your advantage

In addition to the standard statistics, you can collect additional information about the purchasing behavior of your (potential) customers. When does the customer drop out? Does he easily navigate through the site? You can use all this information for the optimization of your webshop and services to your customers. Dream IT is your partner in this and can monitor the statistics and realize the adjustments for you.


Ch Javed

Ch Javed

blog time 05:45:pm 19 May, 2021

1. A fast and affordable start-up

A webshop is a fast and relatively cheap way to start your own business.

2. Cost savings of the building

An important advantage of the webshop is that you do not necessarily need your own business premises. You can manage your webshop from home. You can therefore start faster and with fewer costs.

3. An extra sales channel to acquire new customers

Do you already have a physical store? Then a webshop is a way to expand your services to your customers and acquire new customers. You can offer customers of your webshop the extra option to pick up the products in your store, which creates a new purchase opportunity.

4. Extensive range

Because webspace is unlimited, you can offer an extensive range of products. In addition, it is not necessary to have all products in stock. You can have your suppliers deliver directly to your customers.

5. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Your customers can visit your webshop at any time and place their orders.

Hunain Khan

Hunain Khan

blog time 11:54:am 03 May, 2021

When There are a lot of benefits of Online shopping some disadvantages of online shopping also exists: 

1. Estimate

I always find it very difficult to see online whether the sweater or pants I want is the right color or size. In a picture, it usually looks a bit different than in real life.

2. Return

If something does not fit or does not suit you, you must return it. Unfortunately, this is often not without return costs. In this situation, you only lose money.

3. Not a cooperative seller

The fact that there is no seller can also be a disadvantage. With some things you really need some advice from a retailer. You have to figure everything out for yourself online.

4. Spending too much money

I also suffer from this myself. Because everything is so easy online, you quickly tend to buy more, which means you will also spend more.

5. DelayThis is the main drawback. You do not have the product right at home, while if you just go to Zara to buy a nice blouse, you can wear it that same evening if you have a party, for example.

6. Minimum order price

With many websites, you have to spend a certain amount if you do not want additional shipping costs. Fat annoying, because that makes you tend to order more.




blog time 11:29:am 03 May, 2021


1. No time limit

Because web shops do not close like physical stores, you can always shop online. Super chill if you don't have time to go to the city during the day, for example.

2. More choice

There is much more choice and offer online. I was recently looking for a nice wool sweater. I typed this into Google and there were so many results that I could hardly choose in the end.

3. Compare prices

You can easily compare prices online and find the cheapest version. For me, it has even become a kind of sport.

4. No salespeople who want to sell you something

I sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable when a salesman tries to sell me an expensive belt with the pants I like. You don't have all that nagging online. You can simply order at your leisure.

5. Fit quietly

You can fit comfortably at home. I always have an extensive fitting session myself. Nice music, all the trimmings. Delicious!

6. Rare

Now the sneakers called Jordans are completely in, but there are also a few rare copies. You can find online collectors or people who customize them yourself.


Mahir Arzu

Mahir Arzu

blog time 11:51:am 30 Apr, 2021

14 Advantages and 9 disadvantages of online shopping!

Advantages of online shopping

1. You can always shop online. Online shops are open 24/7.

2. No hassle with parking or looking for a parking space.

3. No travel time.

4. Many more options and offerings. My husband used to go to Amsterdam especially to buy English books at W.H. Smith and The American Bookshop. But thanks to the internet it is no longer necessary to go all the way to Amsterdam for English books. There is a world of books open to me through amazon.co.uk and bookdepository.com.

5. It's easier to buy second-hand. Once I loved going to Laura Ashley's stores. But the nearest was in Arnhem. That is now gone, and Laura Ashley in Utrecht has also disappeared. But thanks to ebay.co.uk I can still buy nice Laura Ashley clothes. And much cheaper too.

6. It is easier to compare prices online. You don't have to walk all the way to another store to see how much something costs there. And sites such as decides.nl help you to compare.

7. Many stores offer opinions and customer experiences under a product. This way you can read how something falls and whether it is a good product. Bonprix, among others, does this.

8. Use online coupons. Before I buy something online, I always check if there is a discount coupon available.

9. You don't have to be busy.

10. No pushy or annoying salesmen.

11. The pleasure of a parcel delivered. That always feels like a present.

12. Pass slowly. Wait a few days, and then try again. So you can take longer to decide whether to take something or not. you have more time to think. At most stores, you have at least 7 days to consider before you have to keep a product.

13. With large purchases, online shopping saves you lugging the product. After all, it is delivered to your home.

14. At stores like Mediamarkt, you can buy white goods and choose to have them deliver the device and connect it for you.

Disadvantages of online shopping

1. You don't move. You can shop online from your armchair or from the couch. If you really go "into town" then at least you walk. And this makes it easier to reach the recommended 10,000 steps per day. Online shopping can therefore enhance a sedentary existence.

2. You cannot feel, smell, or hold a product. That can be quite a loss.

3. You have to judge a product from a picture. You can't try it on first.

4. Online shopping can lead to an isolated existence. Sometimes it's just good to get out and about into the real world.

5. If a product is disappointing, you must return it. That takes some administrative hassle.

6. No contact with nice and helpful salesmen who can give you good advice.

7. The possibilities for online shopping are endless. That can cause choice stress. There is no limit.

8. Online shopping is very easy, and can therefore easily lead to spending too much money. Especially if you pay with a credit card or Paypal. You just press "pay now"! There is hardly any payment pain.

9. Because webshops are permanently open, there is no structure or restriction. Ordinary stores may be closed again, but this is never the case online.


Aazal Chaudhari

Aazal Chaudhari

blog time 10:26:am 30 Apr, 2021

What are the benefits of online shopping?

We know that time plays a very important role in our lives, time is gone forever, so in order not to waste time on shopping in the window, we prefer to do online shopping in the UAE. It provides us with a wide range of varieties and products at lower prices.

Some of the benefits of online shopping are:

  1. It provides a better price for the product.
  • If Girl Scouts sell cookies online, how much money will they make?
  • Which online shopping site should I buy clothes from?
  • Why do different merchants need different amounts of information when making payments?
  • What is the best thing I can buy for 70 rupees?
  • How to connect my grocery store to the Internet, such as selling to Flipkart, etc.
  1. We can get more varieties of products.
  2. It can give us the opportunity to shop 24/7.
  3. There is no crowd when shopping online, we can buy at any time.
  4. We can also buy old and unused products at a lower price.
  5. Through online shopping, we can reduce our expenditures because there are no purchase and dining expenses, and no transportation costs.
  6. We can send gifts to relatives and friends more easily.


Faisal Sheikh

Faisal Sheikh

blog time 02:25:pm 14 Apr, 2021

Online shopping has penetrated more and more into our lives, and now online shopping has gradually shifted from blind consumption to rational consumption at the beginning, and its popularity has also declined at this stage. Some people stop shopping because of the loss of online shopping. , Another part of people continues to shop online more frequently because they benefit from online shopping. No matter what kind of person you are, online shopping has indeed penetrated into all aspects of our lives. The rise of online shopping is due to the development of the Internet. When the Internet enters our lives, it also brings a lot of additional products, including online shopping. Online shopping allows people to buy what they want without leaving home. The purchased goods, without the need to carry them, can be delivered directly to the door of the house to pick up goods. On the other hand, because the online store saves the huge cost of the physical store, the price of the goods is relatively cheaper. Combining the above advantages, online shopping has become our only choice for buying products. When everyone feels and appreciates the benefits, the crazy online shopping boom begins. People are willing to buy such and other products online and there is an endless stream. Recommend to your relatives and friends, online shopping has developed rapidly. After the strong craze for online shopping continued for a while, everyone gradually discovered some of the problems. The participation of unscrupulous merchants makes many products without quality and quantity guarantees. This is also one of the drawbacks of online shopping. We can only see virtual pictures on the Internet, including clothing, food, and other goods. We cannot try on or try them. Ignore the unscrupulous merchants. Whether the clothes fit and whether the food is right to have become the factors that cannot be determined in online shopping. On the other hand, the after-sales problems will be very complicated and inconvenient to deal with. It will be difficult to coordinate between homes. Although there are some means that can allow us to solve similar problems, such as when the courier arrives and take pictures of the goods on the spot, it is not humane. If it is some fragile object, the packaging must be very strong. , It is very complicated to disassemble, and the other is that the packaging of some commodities is not convenient to carry after being split so that the logistics and after-sales links of the entire online shopping are often prone to many problems, and the solution is the same as the fast and convenient online shopping itself. It's the opposite, which makes some people no longer choose online shopping after they have suffered from online shopping losses. We can all see the benefits of online shopping itself, but due to the imperfect technology and the imperfect laws and regulations related to the supervision agency, online shopping will also have many disadvantages, and considering the current situation, we can only try to avoid them. The losses caused by the malpractice, as little as possible online shopping food and other products that cannot be identified by pictures, we must believe that you get what you pay for, and don’t be greedy for cheap products. The difference between too cheap products and pictures and texts will not be small. This can effectively avoid encountering unscrupulous merchants. When buying goods, try to choose merchants with a good reputation and high transaction volume. Although individual bad situations will inevitably occur, in general, choosing large merchants will greatly reduce your chances of disappointment. . How to get more benefits from online shopping at present is something we all need to realize. With the development of future technology and the Internet, online shopping will become a major trend in business transactions. We understand and learn this knowledge and even try The experience will be of great help to our future lives.


Amjad Ali

Amjad Ali

blog time 01:47:pm 14 Apr, 2021

Advantages of online shopping-online shopping platform

Advantages of online shopping: 1. Time-saving and labor-saving. Finding all the products online, you only need a few minutes. You don’t need to go to the crowded streets to find them. It has developed from shopping with broken legs to online shopping controlled by a mouse, and as long as you have a certain purchase The target can be found directly in the mall with a little search, which is really time-saving and labor-saving. 2. Save money. Online shopping malls have exceeded 20,000. The reason for their rapid development is the low threshold of online marketing. There is no need for large inventory, no need to rent expensive storefronts, and the purchase channels are not complicated. This leads to the low cost of online operations, so online The products sold are much cheaper than in reality, so you can save a lot of money by buying the same products online. 3. Relatively safe. In general, the payment system for online shopping is still very secure. Now online banking is a bit more complicated than before. The increase in programs is the increase in security, not to mention a large number of third-party transaction platforms such as Alipay, which greatly guarantees your payment. There is definitely a trace of your money, even if you are not satisfied with the product you bought and want to return it, your money can still be returned to your pockets

4. Complete product categories. Sometimes I want to buy something and I searched for it in major shopping malls for a long time. I was almost exhausted and didn’t find it, or I needed to run around, pick and compare, but the online shopping mall uses a page to describe it intuitively and clearly. The basic parameters and data of this product allow you to clearly understand its characteristics, and the online shopping mall includes almost everything you can think of. Even the retail industry is also developing rapidly on the Internet. You may find it unintentionally. I have a long-time favorite thing. 5. You can compare prices. Now there are many shopping guide comparison shopping websites. On these websites, you can compare the prices of the same product in different shopping malls intuitively. You can find the lowest price just by sitting there, which is really great.6. The goods can be received without leaving the house. Online shopping is to enjoy the royal treatment, as long as you pay the money, even if you use the form of cash on delivery, they will be happy to deliver the goods to you in the fastest time, and even say Thank you. 7. The order is not limited by time. You can buy it whenever you want. In general, there are still many advantages of online shopping. Friends who are lazy or don't like bargaining, in reality, can try online shopping! The above items are still very cheap, and the larger BTC online shopping malls are all authentic and licensed.


Usama Waseem

Usama Waseem

blog time 01:38:pm 12 Apr, 2021

Ten benefits of online shopping

Advantages of online shopping

The Internet has completely changed the way we shop. Due to more and more advantages, more and more people are shopping online. Compared with traditional shopping, I prefer online shopping. So why do I think buying things online is the best choice? Why do many people like to shop online? Here are my top ten benefits of online shopping.

Ten Benefits of Online Shopping

Convenience: This convenient way of shopping is my favorite. You can go to any store to buy what you want, even in the middle of the night you are still wearing your pajamas. You don’t have to wait for the store to open, and you don’t have to wait for a salesperson to greet you. When you are very busy, you can also buy what you want in a few minutes, which saves time and avoids crowds. The online store has given us a 7* 24-hour shopping opportunity, and it has also given us a pollution-free shopping environment. And there is no better place to buy information products, such as e-books. When we make the payment, we can download the information immediately, and we don’t need any logistics to purchase download items online, which is extremely convenient. 

2. Cheaper prices: Another thing that fascinates me with online shopping is low prices and better prices. I buy products from online stores because there is no middleman involved, and the manufacturers or sellers directly find you. There are also many online shops that offer discount coupons and rebates. In addition, online stores have to pay very little tax. If they have a physical store, then I can buy things in their store from anywhere in the world.

3. A wide variety of varieties: The variety of products you can choose from is amazing. We can get different sellers of some products or brands in only one place. We can get the latest international information without spending a cent on air tickets. If you are shopping online, you can purchase goods from all over the country and even the world without any geographical restrictions. These stores provide us with the color, size, and type of goods for us to choose from. There will be many times when you enter an online store to find the goods you want to buy, and when you have to pay, you find that it is out of stock. Some online stores accept reservations. If you can't wait, you can choose another online store to make a purchase.

4. Gifts: online shopping can not be more convenient to give gifts, no matter where you are, you can choose a suitable gift for your family or friends. Stop making excuses because you are too far away to give gifts. Online shopping has solved this problem.

5. Less cost: Sometimes when we choose traditional shopping, we often spend a lot of money or even more money than the goods we plan to buy. For example, when we go to the street to buy a piece of clothing. Then we need to take a ride, drink water and eat when we are tired, and more often we can’t resist the temptation to buy something that we don’t particularly need, so we won’t encounter these situations when shopping online.

6. Price comparison: Online shopping can also make it easier to compare prices of similar products. Moreover, the online store can also share other consumers' personal experiences of the product and an evaluation of the merchant's service.

7. Crowd: If you are the same as me, I want to avoid the crowds every time I shop. Especially when there are some shopping festivals alive on some holidays, the large number of people is really a headache. Most of the time, a large number of people often force us to make some impulsive consumption. Especially when there are many people, when we have some pungent smell, I can hardly breathe. The crowd will also cause a problem. You need to find a parking place near the place where you shop, but you often can’t find a parking space. After you have bought things, you need to transport the things you bought to the car. There are often many and heavy. Really inconvenient. You will never encounter these problems when shopping online, because the courier will deliver it to your home, and you only need to sign your name.

8. Forced shopping: Many times when we go shopping in a physical store, we often buy things that we don't need. Because of the sales staff who serve you, their service and some of their rhetoric will often affect your own choices, because in a single store, we have really few choices. If we are on the Internet, we will not feel that we have no choice and just buy something that we don't like very much.

9. Buy a second-hand thing at a low price: Online stores allow us to buy a second-hand thing at a very low price, because it is something other people don’t want, and that person will sell it at the lowest price. This is precisely what we need, which saves a lot of money.

10. Purchase of personal items: Some things we need are better privacy. If you want to sell some awkward things such as adult toys or sexy underwear, I think online shopping is your best choice. Online shopping allows me to avoid the embarrassment that people look at me when I buy something. . how about it? Have I given enough reasons to explain the best online shopping? Regardless of any reason you like shopping online, you can add it in the comments.

When shopping online

When you shop online, you should pay attention to the following points:

• Whether your privacy can be protected on this website, and if they have any privacy policy for us to read.

• How long has the online store been open? There are other consumers' evaluations of them.

• Did they leave contact information? Can we contact them normally?

• If you are not very satisfied with the purchased goods, are they willing to return the goods for you?

If you noticed the above points when shopping online, I think your internet connection must be a very interesting thing.


Fahad Hussain

Fahad Hussain

blog time 01:28:pm 12 Apr, 2021

Most consumers are impulsive consumption. The common situation is that one is attracted by new products, and the other is highly recommended by sales staff. In the end, they buy things that are not commonly used on impulse. If you choose to shop online, this type of situation will be avoided because you can focus on finding the items you want, and no one can distract you.

No matter how large the mall is, the number of items to be accommodated is limited, and the advantage of the Internet is that it can accommodate a large number of brands and products. You can shop without the time and place restrictions, and at the same time, you can browse and buy the latest popular items from foreign brands. In addition, if there is no item you want in that online store, you can browse other online stores at any time, which is very convenient.

The Internet has truly changed our way of life. You only need to tap it with your finger, and you can know the affairs of the world even if you stay at home. A few years ago, the concept of online shopping might seem impractical, but now that it is widely used and traded all over the world, it can be said to be impressive.  First, you can "go to the store" at home, and ordering is not limited by time: nowadays, fashionable men and women, due to busy work during the day, do not have more time to go shopping, so online shopping has become the first choice. You can choose as much as you like online, and you are not limited by time. Second, get a large amount of product information, and you can buy products that are not available locally: in reality, everyone will often say to shop around, but on the Internet, you can choose slowly, or you can buy products that are not available locally! Third, online payment is safer than traditional cash payment, and it can avoid cash loss or robbery: You can use online banking conveniently and safely, and you can avoid going to shopping malls to get a lot of cash, which is not safe! Fourth, there is no need to visit the site in person from ordering, buying and delivering goods, which saves time and effort: especially on a hot day, you can shop at home, and express delivery is more comfortable. Shopping in the physical store is very tiring!


Aleey Fiaz

Aleey Fiaz

blog time 01:13:pm 10 Apr, 2021

Online shopping is convenient and fast, 7 benefits of online shopping

In the past few years, many people have gradually shifted from shopping in malls to online shopping. Online shopping has become a global event, and it also offers more discounts and concessions than physical stores. Today I will share with you 7 reasons to shop online and the benefits.

1. Is the product worth buying

The function of the Internet allows everyone to read the experience and thoughts of users after using the product, as well as what they share about the product's efficacy and quality. Use their reviews to determine whether the product is worth buying.

2. Save transportation expenses

Not everyone has shopping malls and supermarkets near their homes. Suppose people who far away need to take transportation or drive by themselves to reach the nearest shopping mall and supermarket. A lot of money will be wasted in terms of vehicle fuel or transportation expenses. Through online shopping, any product you buy will be delivered directly to your door, so you can shop without going out.

3. Save time

Instead of spending time in a shopping mall, it is better to shop online, first to save time, and second to shorten the shopping process. After searching for the product you want on the website, you can simply complete the shopping with a few clicks with the mouse button. Time can be saved to do other things or work.

4. All kinds of products

Watches, vehicles, electronic products, fast food, gourmet food, miscellaneous grains, buildings, raw materials, decorations, services, etc., anything you can or can't think of can be successfully searched online. Even some special products, such as armor, swords, space suits, or hot-view glasses, can be searched through the shopping platform.

5. Better transaction price

Since online products are provided directly by manufacturers and there is no intermediary involved in the transaction process, things are often sold cheaper than physical stores, and online stores often offer special discounts. So when you want to buy something, but you find that the store is too expensive, you can search the Internet to see which online store is selling discounts. You don't need to go out at all to compare the prices of items and discover more discounted products.